H Cookware Street Food Ambassador: Have You Tried Ms. Thanh's Famous Stir-Fried Noodles?

Stir-fried noodles consist of noodles, vegetables, and meat. It is easy to make but to make it taste delicious requires skill. The ingredients must be cooked perfectly with no burning or sticking to the pan!

To learn and taste first hand, you need to visit Ms. Thanh’s stall at 76 Alley, Hai Ba Trung. She has been selling street food for over 8 years and understands the importance of a good nonstick pan that can “survive” nearly a hundred dishes every day.

With the help of our durable 3-ply material and PFOA-free nonstick coated pan, H Cookware is honored to accompany Ms. Thanh in the making of her famous stir-fried noodles. Follow us for more sizzling tales from H Cookware Street Food Ambassadors, and embark on an adventure to uncover the vibrant flavors of Saigon’s street food culture!

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