People walking by 349 Nguyen Cong Tru street are drawn by the aroma from Ms. Nhã’s food stall. Her dish is simple and delicious with only rice, sunny side up eggs, Chinese sausage, fried chicken... It is a city favorite. “People keep coming for my fried rice. Some of them live in places as far as Binh Tan or Hoc Mon,” Ms. Nhã’s shares.

To keep customers coming back, in addition to cooking skills, a good pan plays a very important role. It helps Ms. Nhã to make perfectly round sunny side up eggs and fried chicken pieces that are both crispy and juicy.

Join us on an exciting culinary journey with our robust 3-ply stainless steel pan as H Cookware proudly collaborates with the renowned Ms. Nhã to create her signature fried rice. Follow us for more sizzling tales of H Cookware Street Food Ambassadors, and embark on an adventure to uncover the vibrant flavors of Saigon’s street food culture!

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